The revelation of the champion

Welcome to our blog! Our first article for life. Ooh La La!
To break the ice, it seemed appropriate to present to you the foundations on which our project is based:
Once Again is a Montreal unisex brand. It is vision of the future; ecological, fresh and socially responsible. It was born from the desire to take part in human activity in a responsible manner.

On September 2, the 5th edition of Trudathlon was held. Trudathlon? Yes. It is a sports competition within the Trudel family. When we do a triathlon with the Trudels, it gives a Trudathlon. Here. Not at all trivial the contraction. I would even say that it is a judicious mind game.

This year, I participated for the first time and that’s what inspires me this article. You are probably saying to yourself: why did he wait so long to participate? Trudathlon sounds great !.
The answer is simple: I have long had a bad relationship with competition. In the past year, a change has occurred. Which brings me to the main topic of this article. I leave a little from the left field but you will see, the parallel is obvious. I come to the facts.

We have been preparing for the official launch of our clothing brand for over a year. The OA project is crystallized by the launch of the Terre Des Hommes collection / capsule as well as by the launch of our e-commerce. The last few months have been particularly demanding: Constant learning, different administrative procedures, production management, marketing planning, etc. All this is a lot of effort and energy invested in projecting a fixed objective, a decisive milestone. The Moment of all Moments. The “It passes or it breaks”. And here we are lost in procrastination, that we remade the world 10 times, and we tell ourselves that we have no right to make mistakes, that we have to subjugate the entire planet! LOL. That’s bullshit.

During the last stage, while I was running with turtle steps, a great feeling of well-being and freedom rose in me. It is one of the scientifically recognized effects of physical activity: The secretion of endorphin. At that precise moment, I started to feel light and everything became clear. It was not the idea of ​​winning that animated me but the great joy of participating … of being part of a whole. We were all in the race. 3 generations of the same large family, who found a fun and healthy pretext for the annual summer meeting.

As I announced at the beginning of the text, Once Again was born from a desire to participate responsibly in human activity. Around this ideal are articulated different principles and values. Despite our passion for style and clothing, the making and selling of products is only a pretext to achieve our ideal. Let us sum it up as follows: Once Again is a more than favorable context for realizing this vision.
We are touched and grateful to observe that we are not alone in this race. On the eve of this official launch, we see more than ever that we are part of a positive social movement that is growing day by day. Be smart. Be committed.

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why denim