Bonvenon: Waahli, your favorite soap maker

The first contact we had with Waahli was during a group show Nomadic Massive several years ago. Nomadic Massive is a flagship musical collective on the Montreal scene, a remarkable example of the immense wealth of multi-culturalism.

The second meeting with Waahli was at an Artbeat Montreal evening (lisez “The story of Artbeat”). What caught our attention the most was the way it was presented: “your favorite soap maker”. A guy who makes handmade soaps .. it was new, it was foreign. It piqued our curiosity.

By developing our brand, the opportunities to meet other artists, artisans and entrepreneurs have multiplied. When we started the Bonvenon video series, dedicated to briefly presenting inspiring personalities from the Montreal scene, Waahli was at the top of the list. We contacted him and he accepted our offer with enthusiasm. He welcomed us into his home in the St-Henri district, from which he makes his range of natural and organic products
Wyzah Musk Soap.